Innovate To Investigate

An independent investigative journalism incubator


“Innovate to Investigate" incubator is the fruit of years of collaboration between Friedrich Naumann Foundation - FNF MENA and ARIJ. Eight professions from different Arab countries will collaborate together, after intensive hands-on training and coaching sessions, to produce regional and cross-border innovative interactive investigations.

Incubator Process


  • 2021 july -Aug

    Registration Duration : 1 month and 4 days

  • 2021 Aug - Sept

    Selection Duration : 18 days

  • Sept 2021


  • Oct 2021

    Building Capacity I

  • 2021 Nov - Dec

    Forum Attendance 2021 Duration : 1 month

  • 2022 Jan - July

    Regional production Duration : 6 monthd and 15 days

  • 2022 Feb - Mar

    Building Capacity II Duration : 1 month

  • 2022 July - Sept

    Regional Investigations launch Duration : 1 month and 15 days

  • 2022 Oct

    International collaboration Duration : 5 days

  • Oct 2022 - apr 2023

    International production Duration : 6 months

  • 2023 Jan - Feb

    Building Capacity III Duration : 1 month

  • 2022 Jan - Feb

    Show case/ Forum 2022 Duration : 1 month

  • 2023 May- Jun

    International Investigations launch Duration : 1 month

Think Together.

The 'Innovate to investigate' incubator is a cross sector and a cross border project where Arab professionals from eight different sectors come to one place and instead of working parallely they will think and brainstorm together and ultimately work together to produce innovative investigations.

This incubator is a new perspective to investigative journalism in the region. Journalists, investigative journalists, developers, designers, lawyers, human right defenders, fact-checkers and researchers will collaborate and think together of innovative ways of storytelling and investigative reporting.

Work Together.

The foundation of 'Innovate to investigate' incubator was built on a scientific and realistic approach. Because we believe in the importance of capacity building , we will provide hands- on training for the participants.

Sixteen innovators will be part of 12 days of workshops ( two 4 days workshops in Autumn 2021 and one 4 day workshop in 2022). The training will cover different topics related to innovation and critical thinking, investigative journalism, and organizational communication and development. It will equip the innovators with the right skills and tools to assist them in producing innovative investigations in the second phase.

Create Together.

Based on what the participants learnt in the first phase, they will split into two groups where each group works on producing an investigation in Arabic. The two investigations will be published in the Arab region. In the second year the innovators will collaborate with international professionals to produce another two investigations that would be published world wide.

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