About Aman360

“Aman360” is a new project for the safety of investigative journalists in MENA. The project is a partnership between UNESCO and ARIJ, with funding through UNESCO’s Multi Donor Program on Freedom of Expression and Safety of Journalists (MDP) and as part of a project titled: “Enhancing the Safety of Journalists in Africa and the Arab Region” funded by Denmark. The project is to be implemented in cooperation with IFJ.

On average, every five days a journalist is killed for bringing information to the public.

Promoting the safety of journalists and combating impunity for those who attack them are central within UNESCO’s support for press freedom on all media platforms. And is a top priority to ARIJ and IFJ.

The “Aman360” project aims to create and nurture a cognizant foundation for the safety of journalists among the investigative journalism community in the Arab world to ensure that free press remains as a powerful medium, and the journalists can continue to play their role as watchdogs of justice and in holding those responsible accountable.

This project offers a new holistic and innovative approach to enhance the safety and resilience of Arab investigative journalists, media partners and organisations and other relevant stakeholders in the MENA region with focus on Algeria, Iraq, Mauritania, Palestine, Tunis, and Yemen.