Edit & Verify, is a project that targets journalists, investigative journalists, content creators, and fact-checkers across the region with a focus on Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Palestine, and Iraq, to raise their capacity and skills, and help them verify different types and forms of content disseminated online.

Misinformation is a big threat impacting our quality journalism as well as our access to accurate information in the MENA region. On Sunday, October 24, 2021, in celebration of the Global Media and Information Literacy Week, AFCN (Arab Fact-Checkers Network) led by ARIJ, in partnership with the Meta Journalism Project, is excited to announce “Edit & Verify حرّر_وتحرَّ#”, a new project to fight misinformation in the MENA region.

The project was developed as part of our ongoing efforts to support journalists and fact-checkers in the region but also in response to the widespread dissemination of false and misleading news particular to the Covid-19 pandemic. It aims at building the skills of Arab journalists in verification and fact-checking.

Through three different, integrated and interactive training tracks, “Edit & Verify” will establish a new generation of journalists who are well-equipped to fact-check their own content and content published and communicated by others. The project also aims to build a community of fact-checkers within Arab newsrooms and freelancers promoting transparency, ethical standards, and accountability, as well as regaining confidence in media outlets and Arabic language content.

Arab journalists and fact-checkers will also have the opportunity to learn more about Facebook Community Standards in four live webinars led by the Meta Journalism Project.

At the end of each track, the trainees will receive a participation certificate provided by AFCN/ARIJ and Facebook.

If you are interested in becoming a full-fledged fact-checker and/or a journalist equipped with the required skills; join the ongoing fight against misinformation in the region. Do not

Now, you can register in our first two live webinars using the following links:

First webinar: How to use social media effectively: What are the tools and the legal impact? Monday - Nov 8, 2021, at 07:00 pm Amman time.
Second Webinar: How to fact-check digital advertisements? Monday - Dec 13, 2021, at 07:00 pm Amman time.

First track

Edit & Verify

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Second track

Edit & Verify

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Third track

Edit & Verify

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