October 3, 2021


Pandora team

Munir Al-Khatib

ARIJ's editor in chief. A highly experienced journalist and media consultant with over 24 years of experience as an editorial leader, mentor and coach. He has worked on a various of Lebanese and Arab websites, the latest of which was Assafir newspaper. Throughout his extensive career, he has covered and written reports from countries all over the world; from Lebanon to Pakistan, the United States, France, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Algeria and even Cuba’s Guantanamo bay.

Mohammed Komani

An Investigative Journalist who has over 12 years of experience in investigative journalism. He has been working with ARIJ since 2016 as a Data Editor and Coach. Komani is a member of ICIJ and worked with them on several projects including the Panama Papers, Swiss Leaks, and Fincen Files.

Saja Mortada

An investigative and data journalist with "ARIJ", and the project manager of "Arab Fact-Checkers Network" (AFCN). She holds a master's degrees in Media from “Antonine” University in Lebanon and the University of “Toulon” in France. She carried out investigative reports on human rights issues in her country Lebanon, and an investigation in the context of the global project “FinCen Files” with ICIJ in 2020. She previously worked as a journalist and presenter at "AlMayadeen" pan Arab TV.

Ahmed Ashour

An editor and fact checker at ARIJ. He completed a master program in International Media Studies at Bonn University, Germany. He holds the DW Academy-certified creditianial of the International Journalist. Ahmad Ashour had taken part in a number of cross-border collaborative programs with CiFAR, GIZ, ARIJ and OCCRP. Ashour participated in the collaborative project "Fincen Files" between ARIJ and ICIJ.

Mohamed Zidan

An investigative journalist, with more than 13 years of experience in the field of journalism and media. He was part of the founding team of investigative journalists at Al-Watan newspaper in 2012. He worked for many international and Arab media institutions and television channels such as: Al-Arabiya, Al-Ain News, Forbes middle east and the German Goethe Institute in Cairo.

Nour Moukhader

Experienced social media specialist with a demonstrated history of working as a content creator and presenter at Annahar Company, data journalist at Arij and an active reporter at Sawtshaab radio. Strong journalist with a masters degree in digital media and a Bachelor of Arts focused in journalism.

Firas Taweel

Investigative journalist, coach and editor at ARIJ. He has started his career path in 2008 working in Radio and TV as an editor and announcer, at the same time he was working as a reporter for Afaq environmental magazine. he has many research contributions on corruption.