With digital threats becoming a major risk for journalists in the region; which have been highlighted during the unprecedented crisis of Covid-19 and online/remote work, ARIJ and in partnership with Meta Journalism Project launched their new project “Safety First” to contribute to a full cyber safety ecosystem for all journalists in the MENA region, aiming at increasing the awareness, knowledge, skills and safety within newsrooms and/or freelancers by focusing on training, increasing awareness, and raising individual skills through continuous support.

The project is essential to creating an aware, agile, and self-regulating perception and foundation to ensure a cognizant, safe and secure presence on social media and online platforms.

This project targets 2500+ direct beneficiaries; journalists, editors and fact-checkers from the entire MENA region, with focus on Algeria, Iraq, Libya, Palestine, Sudan and Yemen, offering 3 different tracks:

Track A

1000 journalists from MENA will benefit from six live trainer-led training sessions/webinars.

Track B

200 journalists from MENA will benefit from live one-on-one expert-led digital clinics.

Track C

600 journalists from MENA will get one-on-one technology-support with automated then, when needed, live human support by a specialised developer guidance.

In addition to these tracks, 500 direct beneficiaries will also benefit from Facebook Community Standards trainer-led live training sessions.

In its core this project will reach 10k+ journalists - indirect beneficiaries, in the region by offering 8 short videos on digital security that will be widely disseminated via Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.