Who takes the responsibility?

“Strengthening Independent Media in Jordan” is a two year project, launched by ARIJ and supported by the Nations Democracy Fund, UNDEF. The project which first started in August 2020, aims at improving accountability reporting in Jordan.

The project brought together 60 ambitious journalists coming from different governorates and various media backgrounds(traditional journalism, digital journalism, audiovisual media) , and worked on building their capacity, increasing their knowledge while also providing them with editorial, financial and legal support to produce their investigative reports.

The project will also release a policy paper addressing accountability in Jordan. The top performing journalists will be invited to attend ARIJ annual forum in 2021, and 2022, they will also participate in high-level roundtable discussions featuring local journalists, where they can present their investigative reports. The roundtables will bring the attention of local media and raise people’s awareness on certain issues to promote change and reform in Jordan.