About 100 Watts Project

‘100 Watts’ is a three-year project launched by ARIJ and supported by the Embassy of Netherlands in Jordan.

Why “100 Watts”?

The watt is a unit for measuring the intensity of sound, and this project brought together 100 trainees with 100 voices; each with their own personality and abilities, to produce coherent and highly professional journalistic work that contributes to strengthening the culture of accountability and reform.

Phase 1

100 students, fresh graduates, and professors/lecturers as well as journalists from different universities in Jordan were selected to enhance their skills and knowledge to produce podcast episodes to address vital societal issues in Jordan and promote accountability and reform. The trainees attended offline and online training sessions that covered various topics including: the art of storytelling, conducting interviews, media ethics, writing for the sound, tricks and basics of searching, investigative journalism and data journalism.

By the end of Year 1, participants produced more than 40 episodes covering different issues in Jordan.

Phase 2

In Year 2 ARIJ will train, equip, mentor and coach the top 20 selected participants-based on merit, 6-month fellowship, to produce 10 local high-impact investigations and 20 data journalism stories, as well as network through ARIJ’s annual forum and with local media houses

The 10 investigations will focus on the four themes of this project’s focus: accountability, digital rights, human rights and freedom of religion. The 10 investigations will be published on different Jordanian media platforms and will also compete in ARIJ’s 2022 Awards for the Arab World’s best investigations.

Phase 3

In Year 3 The top 10 journalists will get advanced training through three offline incubators. They will also go through an advanced six-month fellowship where they will be mentored, coached in order to produce 4 Cross-Border investigations that are published in local, regional, and international platforms. The 10 participants will attend ARIJ’s 2022 annual forum. The four cross-border investigations will also compete in ARIJ’s 2023 Annual Awards.