Thank you for facilitating framework for very rich days in Amman. An abundance of interesting people and topics and logistical arrangements that were just flawless to boot. It was an enlightening pleasure to attend the ARIJ conference. I wish you all Sleep, Sleep and more Sleep now! Please pass my greetings to the ARIJ team.

Look forward to meeting and talking with you at some future junction.

Many regards,



I want to seize this occasion to thank you very much again for your kind invitation. I was thrilled to be part of ARIJ #4 and I learned a lot of extremely useful things during the sessions I attended.
All my best wishes of success,

Ahmed Benchemsi, Morocco


Dear all
just wanted to thank you for the great conference
again this year ARIJ and each of you personally have proved to be the best

Walid Batrawi


it was grate pleasure seeing you and all our friends in lovely Amman again.. thanks for your warm hospitality and the good job in ARIJ which never leaves a chance for coincidence

Mohammad Fadel, journalist and ARIJ coach/trainer, Bahrain


Congratulations for the very successful ARIJ 4th Conference and many thanks for your warm welcome. This largest gathering of Arab journalists was a real opportunity to broaden our network and to meet new media professionals and trainers.

Avec mes amitiés


Thank you, all, for your wonderful hospitality and great work. We are so impressed with what you have built, and you have the support of your colleagues around the world.

Warmest regards,

Dave Kaplan, Keynote speaker at the fourth ARIJ conference


Dear friends and ARIJ family,
It was great seeing you all in Amman.
This year the conference was another great opportunity to meet with friends and colleagues that only ARIJ could gather under one rooftop.
Thanks for the fruitful time and my sincere wishes for more success.
Bissane El Cheikh, senior correspondent, editor – Al Hayat newspaper


I want to thank you again for great conference and an opprotunity to see how effective and respected is ARUJ un Arab World. It was great to meet so many new people involved in professional Investigative Reporting.

Wish you best success in future!

Warm regards,
Oleg Khomenok, Ukraine